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Nutrition for aging adults Watch Preview

Many older adults face changes that can affect their food intake and nutritional status. The changes may be physical, health-related, social, or psychological. The nature and extent of these changes will vary among adults. Good nutrition can help older adults to improve their health and maintain their quality of life. 
 This course:

 • provide up-to-date policy advice on nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle, and environmental determinants for achieving and maintaining the best possible health in healthy older people
• provide reliable and consistent information to use as a basis for programs and education to support healthy older people (e.g., district health board and regional public health programs, and technical background for health education resources for healthy older people)

 • guide and support health practitioners (including dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, primary health care providers, health promoters, and physical activity providers) in the practice of healthy nutrition and physical activity, and provide them with a detailed source of information 

 • Identify health inequalities relating to nutrition and physical activity so that support and education for healthy older adults can be targeted to reduce inequalities in health between population groups. So let's get started!

10 Lessons

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Lesson 1 - Aging and Nutritional Well-Being

Understand the role of nutrition in aging

Lesson 2 - Good Nutrition for Seniors

Lesson 3 - Dietary Patterns of Older People

Understand dietary patterns

Lesson 4 - Nutrients, food and drink

Understand nutrients required as we age.

Lesson 5- Physical Activity

Understand why physical activity is tied to diet

Lesson 6- Chronic disease and nutrition for adults

How nutrition affects chronic disease in adults

Lesson 7 - Frailty in Older People

Understand how frailty impacts older people

Lesson 8 - Barriers to Eating Healthy

Discover the many barriers to eating healthy for adults and seniors

Lesson 9 - Food Safety

Understand why food safety is so important for seniors


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