Stress Extinguisher Course

Suffering from stress or anxiety? Perhaps you have panic attacks? This course has been designed with you in mind. Learn how to handle these issues, and make them a thing of the past.

Discover How You Can Passively Annihilate Your Stress And Decrease Your Anxiety Using These Powerful Relief Solutions!

With this Stress Relief course, you will learn...

  • An approach to combat stress passively
  • How to recognize and deal with panic attacks
  • The science behind stress and anxiety
  • Natural and easy fixes for stress and worry
  • Proven solutions for decreasing stress
  • Using visualizations to overcome stress
  • And more.

10 Lessons

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Stress Busting

Why we are stressed

Stress vs Anxiety

Understand the difference between stress and anxiety

The science behind panic attacks

What causes a panic attack?

Coping with panic attacks

How to cope with a panic attack

Using Visualization

How To Use Visualization to Calm Yourself

How music can help

Stress Relief Through Music.

Self Hypnosis

Use self-hypnosis for stress relief

Stress Management 101

Managing your stress

Learn to say no.

Learning How To Say No.

Embracing concepts

Embracing concepts and moving on