The Art of Meditation

The best thing about this better way of handling your mental resources is
that it is 100% drug free. That's right. No chemicals are involved. This method is also 100% natural. You deal with your mind as it exists. You don't have to buy a machine. You don't have to take drugs. You don't have to ingest anything foreign into your body. It is 100% natural.

It works with how your mind works. It is also 100% conscious. You're not
going to hypnotize yourself. You're not going to be under the mental control of another person.

Finally, this system enables you to remain in 100% control of your mind. You call the shots. You pick the method, and you work with it. It works on your schedule, on your own terms, and based on your needs.

This training teaches you the ins and outs of practical meditation, so you can come up with a solution that works best for you!

12 Lessons

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Lesson 1 - Common Myths About Meditation

Lesson 2 - Meditation In A Nut Shell

Lesson 3 - The Benefits of Meditation

Lesson 4 - Practical vs. Esoteric Meditation

Lesson 5 - The Seal Quick Stress Relief

Lesson 6 - The Counting Breaths Method

Lesson 7 - Present Sense Mindfulness Technique

Lesson 8 - Watching Your Emotions Like Clouds

Lesson 9 - Meditation, Best Practices

Lesson 10 - Conclusion

Final Lesson - Download your Course Book